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Ionizer Products

negative ion generator jo-6271
1.Seventh generation, original
2.Amazing smoke dispelling function

Quick Details
Size: 22x88(mm)
Brand Name: ionkini
Specialty: New generational patented.
OEM: Yes
Machine weight: 30g
Type: Aerosol Spray
Model Number: jo-6271
Negative ion: 3800000 pcs/cm3
Color: Blue, Black, Red
Power: 0.8W
Type: negative ion generator
Certification: CE, Fcc, RoHS, Patent
Power Source: car cigarette lighter 12V/DC, 110...
Packing:  Plastic packing

Functions and features
1.Seventh--new generational patented product;
2.Original in the world;
3.Larger negative ions amounts ( 3.8 million/cc ) and stronger smoke dispelling function (The result can be seen in test, within10 seconds);
3.The most important thing is with perfect match between impulse negative ions and ozone, this new product can receive better effects on eliminating bad odors and killing virus.
4.New designed packing;
5.Utility patent; CE, Fcc,RoHS certificates approved

Technical data
1. Power source: car cigarette lighter 12V/DC, 110V240V/AC, 50(60 )Hz (optional);
2. Power: 0.8W
3. Negative ions: 3800000 pcs/cm3
4. O3: 0.02 ppm
5.Mainy use: Car,office and home
4.How to operate:
1)Use in car

2) use at home and office

Smoke Removing Testing experiment
The video of smoke dispelling Experiment can describe Product functions. Please click the upper right corner of this page "View Company Video" to watch the video or click the upper right corner of this page company name USA Ionkini Technology (HK) Ltd. to go into our shop, then please click the left of the page Video intro to watch it. You can also go to our main website (About us or Contact has website link.)